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Sankei Co. Ltd was established in 1970 with head office and production factory located on the island of Kyushu Japan, a region well known for the home of many strong Kendo players. Sankei Co. Ltd primary production are Kendo products from Shinai, Bugo, Keiko Gi, Hakama, Tenugui, Tsuba, and more. Sankei Co. Ltd has about 300 wholesale stores in Japan and provides Shinai for a lot of the well known stores throughout Japan.

In the beginning of 2004, the shinai demand in Japan was close to 1 million units, and during that very year, Sankei sold 340,000 units covering one third of the total Shinai market in Japan. This proves that the quality of Sankei’s Shinai are not only excellent quality but stable, and well known.

In 2006, Sankei Australia was established, and the website www.zen-sankei.com.au was created to collect orders from Australian Kendoka eager to purchase Sankei products. With the increase in popularity, in 2008, Sankei International was established to cover international sales in the region of U.K, Europe, Asia, South Africa, Oceania (Sankei Australia), America, and Latin America, and our new website www.zen-sankei.com was established. All products purchases from our online store will notify our HQ in Japan for preparation and delivery. Keeping the warehouse in Japan allows Sankei International to delivery high quality Kendo products because Japan has the best storage environment and facility.

Sankei Australia

Sankei Australia was founded by Cain Lee, who started his Kendo journey in Kenshikan from Melbourne Budokai. Cain has been training Kendo for over 10 years traveling between Japan and Australia and has dedicated the success of Sankei Australia’s distribution to sponsor major Kendo events like the Australian Kendo Championships every year.

All Australia orders can be placed from our online kendo shop. When an order is placed online it is dispatched directly from Sankei Japan.

Honourable members

Caleb Crane (Photographer) – Providing the Kendo photos.

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