V Stream Bogu (Standard Set)  AUD $850.00 


V Stream has been one of the most popular Bogu for regular Kendoka. We have already sold over 2000 units Japan wide. The Bogu is designed for all ages from children to adults.

The MEN is diagonally stitched so it curves forward over the shoulders. Hence the Bogu is named "V Stream". The MEN, KOTE, and TARE are 6mm machine stitched to provide the optimal balance between protection and flexibility.

Specification of the Bogu

Duralumin Mengane, Navy Clarino re-enforcement on the edge of the MEN Futon, Clarino Palm for the KOTE, and Orizashi cloth is used for the overall MEN-futon, KOTE-futon, and Tare.

Purchase information

Sankei Australia currently have samples of V Stream Standard Bogu for customer to examine, and our Sales Representative will be able to take your measurements for purchase.

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