Normal [HK-26] 39 Normal Namisei (Seibu) (Assembled with 38 Tsukagawa)  AUD $50.00 


Namisei Seibu

The Namisei, well balanced and great for your everyday training, this Shinai is the basic Shinai for all beginners. Balanced to help you shape your form and develop your Kendo as a beginner. If you are new to Kendo, and you are not sure what is the best Shinai for your Kendo development, then this Shinai is a recommended starter.


Normal class Shinai is the basic style Shinai with a normal Haribushi (body of the shinai) and normal Kensaki (tip). This is the most basic Shinai and is recommended for all gender and ages.

Bamboo: Keichiku

Shinai Type: Normal (Normal Haribushi Kensaki tip)

Handle Type: Normal

Tsuka Diameter (End): 26mm (Male) / 24mm (Female)

Tsuba Size: L (Male) / M (Female)


- By default the Shinai is bamboo only. For fully assembled Shinai, make sure the right length tsukagawa is fitted for you.

- Oil treated for longer lasting life span of its use.

- Female size and weight is available.

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