Ex-Large Grip [HK-10] 39 Extra Large Grip (Saijou) - 28mm (Assemble with 38 Tsukagawa)  AUD $75.00 



The Keichiku Shinai, made of Keichiku bamboo is of a less quality compare to the Madake. Keichiku compared to the Madake is more widely available in locations of Asia. Keichiku are usually a lot younger and the composition of the alignment of the tiny grains in the bamboo are less fine compare to the Madake. Most of the Shinais that are sold a majority are Keichiku Shinai because it can still hold quality compare to the cost of a Madake Shinai. Like the Madake, Keichiku Shinai from Sankei are made of the top percentile of each seasonal harvest, and this is what distinguishes Sankei Keichiku from the rest. With Sankei’s Keichiku Shinai, you can still get the quality and value in return to bring out the best of your Kendo.


Extra large grip class Shinai are Shinais with large grips (wider diameter of the handle), and made for those with larger hands and wants to thicker grip. Extra large grip class Shinai comes in sub classes like Jissen Gata, Dobari Style, Koto, and Normal types.

Bamboo: Keichiku

Shinai Type: Thick Haribushi and normal Kensaki.

Handle Type: Extra large size handle for those with really big hands.

Tsuka Diameter (End): 30mm or 28mm (Male) / 27.0mm (Female)

Tsuba Size: Special Enlarge Tsuka Required

General information

The Saijo, the width and thickness of the handle is held throughout the Shinai for a firm grip. The Saijo is well balance and excellent for competitions and general trainings.


- By default the Shinai is bamboo only. For fully assembled Shinai, make sure the right length tsukagawa is fitted for you.

- Oil treated for longer lasting life span of its use.

- Female size and weight is available at this point in time.

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